The Wildroots Experience

Wildroots is a summer series market in Northeast Ohio. We draw fine artisans from Northeast Ohio and beyond for an eventful day of shopping, being outdoors, discovery, and inspiration.  With over 150 vendors, you’ll want to plan on spending your day with us! We encourage you to enjoy fine baked goods and local coffee for breakfast, and gourmet food trucks for lunch.

Passion Means Quality

Everything at Wildroots is handmade by our artisans. But more than simply making sure we’re bringing fine craft, our artists have heart. There is a story behind every pot, every painting, every necklace. We encourage you to talk to the artists to discover these stories: and share some of your own.

More Than Shopping

Wildroots is more than a fun event, but something you can build into a part of your life. When you need an item such as a gift, buying one directly from an artisan is 100 times better than heading to Target! You’re not just giving a gift to your loved one, but it’s a gift for the artist, as well. The item has soul, was made with heart, and has a story behind it.

Each month on social media we’ll announce a new intention you can keep in mind as you walk through the grounds. This can be something like finding something that reminds you of a childhood story, or a long lost friend.

You’re encouraged to let your feelings guide you through Wildroots to find that special piece that speaks to your heart.

  • As you walk through the event, each booth is an artist’s world you are entering. Prepare to be transported!
  • Get to know the artists! We encourage you to discover their story behind why it is they do what they do, and share inspiration.
  • Discover what’s new every month. 
  • Turn off your phone! Wildroots can be a great time to learn new things, connect with your loved ones, community, and meet new people.
  • Have breakfast AND lunch with us! 
  • Bring your family and dogs! Wildroots has a beautiful green with lots of room for enjoying nature, running around, flying kites, playing cornhole, we even have classic games like coffee sack races and red rover!